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Terms of Service

Please read carefully.

Proceed only if you understand and agree to our Terms of Service.Shall you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.



After you submit your payment you will receive a link to send us the creative BRIEFING providing the details of your company and directions for us to create your company’s logo.

In three business days we will send you 3-4 logo design concepts. You will then have three options: 

1. choose and approve one of them;

2. choose one and request further adjustments;

3. refuse them all and request a full refund.

In case you proceed (options 1 or 2) you will no longer be entitled for a full refund.

We will proceed with the adjustments as requested.

Please note that you are purchasing ONE logo for your company. You are not entitled to use the other design concepts we created.


Please note that in order to fulfill your order, you must brief us clearly.

Examples of customers adjustments requests:

“I like the logo 1 better, can you replace with the font used in logo 3”; 

“I like the logo 3, I would prefer the symbol in dark blue and the font more thin”;

“I like the logo 3, I would prefer to remove the symbol and keep just the type”;

“I like the logo 3, I would prefer to use the symbol I am attaching instead.”;

What we do not consider adjustments and we can not fulfill:

“I want to see some more options”;

“I want more creative/edgy logos”;

“I want options with different symbols”;

“I like the font used in logo # 3 but I want to add some symbol”; 

“I don’t know, I want something different”. 

We do our best to accommodate client’s needs but you must bare with us providing clear directions.

We request up to three days to fulfill the adjustments requested. We do only send up to two(2) logo options per round of revisions. 

Over 90% of our Logos are approved without further adjustments or right in their first round of revisions. 


In case you choose to cancel the order and request a refund (option 3), we will proceed with the refund within 1-2 business days. Please observe that it may take a few days for the credit to show up at your bank statement.

If you choose to cancel the job you will NOT be able to use the logo design concepts we have created.

After we send you the logo concepts you must respond within ONE WEEK (7 days). In case you do not, we will consider the job fulfilled. You will NOT be entitled for a Refund or further adjustments of the logo.



Once the order is fulfilled, we grant you full lifetime rights to use the logo created.


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